CUSTOM websites to help businesses soar

Whether you’re just starting your business

Henri Farman winning the Archdeacon Prize with Voisin biplane (1908)
Bessie Coleman and her plane (1922)

or your website needs a more polished look

We can help you get your site off the ground


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Work with you to develop your new website’s features, organization, and creative theme.  Our iterative designs thoughtfully preview its look and feel  on mobile, tablet, and desktop screens to ensure you’ll be satisfied with the end results.

Custom Website Building

Build your unique engaging website to showcase and streamline your business, with options to include e-commerce, blog, and appointment-scheduling features, along with custom landing, about, and contact sections.

Maintenance and Marketing

Performance and search-engine optimization (SEO) to make your website fast and stand out among the crowd.  Monthly maintenance plans are available to help you evolve  your site as your business changes.  And we can assist you in generating effective online ad campaigns and measuring their success, to drive more traffic to your new site and grow your business.


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Latest Completed Project

E-Commerce Website with
Appointment Scheduling and Blog

Heather Healing Website

“I love my new website. Ed took the time to listen to me and communicate through the whole process. The site has the feel I was looking for and works seamlessly. Thank you so much for incorporating the cursor and photos I wanted.”

– Heather S.


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Ed Skwarecki


Prior to founding Fflying Llama, Ed gained decades of experience as a software developer and manager at top software companies like Adobe, Apple, and Avid. You’ve likely used at least one of the many products and websites Ed has helped to build.

Ed is a seasoned web professional  and is especially good at  communicating and adapting to your business needs.

Fflying Llama’s mission is to help you, the small business owner,  streamline and grow your business on the web, with quality, creativity and fun.

Recent Blog Posts

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Contact Us and Get a Free Website Checkup

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Please fill out the following form to receive a complimentary custom-narrated screen recording of your current website.  We’ll tell you what we think is working well, and give you specific suggestions on how you might enhance your site to improve  the user experience and make it more effective at generating business for you. You’ll receive a link to your personalized online recording that you can watch at your convenience.

No checkup needed? No problem.

If you don’t yet have a website, or just want to discuss your plans and get a free estimate, please submit your information  and we’ll contact you.


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